Our Story

Our biggest priority has always been to keep Doug The Pug happy and healthy. Ever since he was a little pup, we gave him what we thought was safe and healthy.

We had a big health scare with Doug a few years back; he developed something called immune mediated thrombocytopenia (say that again, but faster). In plain English, his immune system almost killed him because of the allergy medication he was on. Luckily, we discovered the cause of his rare reaction and without the medication, he is now healthy. This experience opened our eyes to the importance of giving him all-natural, non-toxic products for his day-to-day doggy needs.

This health scare led us to find a health team for Doug… an herbalist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, you name it. We completely revamped his food, grooming and supplement protocol to give him a healthier lifestyle, under the guidance of his veterinarian, of course. As we began this quest for Doug and made these changes, we watched Doug’s health soar. His coat became softer and shinier, he does not have much greying for his age, and best of all, he is happy and running around like a puppy.

Also, Leslie has a disease called endometriosis, which forced us to re-examine the quality of products in our home. It turns out that ingredients like synthetic fragrances are detrimental not only to Leslie's personal hormone health, but also to dogs' health. Therefore, we set off on a quest.

While there are some great organic products out there, we thought that we could do better, so we created Nonipup. Our all-natural, ethically developed, and sustainably sourced products honor our furry little friends and turn mundane moments into precious celebrations. 

Doug is thriving on Nonipup. Our pups are important parts of our families and deserve the best. Join Doug, won’t you?

Leslie and Rob, Doug’s proud parents

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The Nonipup Name

How did the name Nonipup (NO-knee-pup) come about?

We all have nicknames for our animals - like, a ton of nicknames! One that has stuck in our household is calling Doug our little “Noni”. Growing up with a Spanish mother she would always use the word Noni as a term of endearment, and let’s face it, he’s definitely a little Noni. There is a healthy fruit that grows in tropical regions called the Noni plant but do not confuse that with Nonipup as we don’t currently have it as an ingredient in our products. Send us photos of your little Nonis on Instagram at @Nonipup #Nonipup

A Message From Doug’s Humans