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Bundle: Boop Butter™ + Calm Balm

Bundle: Boop Butter™ + Calm Balm

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These salves work incredibly well in tandem. One is for dry, one is for wet…and when one may not work, the other one usually always does! We highly recommend this bundle to have them in your kit for whatever your dog may need. They work on skin, scrapes, bug bites, cuts, dry noses, hot spots and more. I (Doug’s Mom!) never travel without both…and even frequently use them on myself!

Boop Butter™

Crusty Nose and Dry Skin Treatment

Dogs Need Skincare Too! Nonipup’s nose and paw butter is formulated with all-natural soothing botanicals like calendula and shea oil for all types of dry skin conditions.  Boop Butter™ helps your pupper’s snout feel more youthful, at least that’s what Doug says.

2 OZ / 59.1 ML

Calm Balm

Itch Relief and Wound Care

A comfy pup is a happy pup!  Use our Calm Balm for your dog’s skin, ears, or ANYTHING itchy, scratchy, ouchy, and bumpy.  Watch as skin-related issues become a thing of the past. Calm Balm is one of Doug’s must-haves!>

2 OZ / 59.1 ML

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Boop Butter™

  • Helps crusty noses
  • Moisturizes and protects paws and elbows
  • Relieves dry skin conditions and inflammation
  • Soothes dry, irritated ears
  • Helps hair growth

Calm Balm

  • Quickly heals hot spots
  • Interrupts the itching, biting, licking cycle
  • Calms flea dermatitis
  • Stops inner ear itching
  • Soothes wounds and calms inflammation


Boop Butter™

Coconut Oil*, Apricot, Hemp, Almond Oils, Virgin Olive Oil*, Unrefined Shea Butter, Aloe Butter*, Mango Butter, Essential Peppermint Oil, Essential Lavender Oil, Essential Patchouli Oil, Essential Ylang Ylang Oil, Petigrain and Carrot Seeds, Candelilla Wax, Dried Calendula Flower*, Vitamin E*

Calm Balm

 Rosehip Oil*,
Hemp*, Pumpkin Oil, Karanja Oil, Neem Oil, Apricot Oil, Almond Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Tamanu Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Essential Geranium Oil, Essential Frankincense Oil, Essential Carrot Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Dried Yellow Dock Root*, Echinacea Flower*, Vitamin E*

* Organic.

How To Use

Boop Butter - How To Use

Crusty Nose: apply to nose twice daily until healed.  A little goes a long way! Do not apply in the dogs fold if a smush faced dog. Maintenance: apply three times per week

  • Dry skin, paw pads, elbows, inflammations: apply Boop Butter™ to affected area twice daily to soothe and heal
  • Ears: put a small amount of Boop Butter™ into the exterior ear canal and rub gently
  • Hair Growth: apply twice daily until hair has returned

Precautions: Keep out of eyes.  Not for cats. Safe if ingested. We recommend doing a patch test on your dogs nose before starting twice daily regimen. 

Calm Balm How To Use: 

  • Rashes, Bug Bites and Flea Dermatitis: apply to area twice daily or as needed. Calm Balm is safe to lick  
  • Hot Spots:  apply three times daily until healed
  • Superficial Wounds: apply twice daily until healed. Boop Butter helps with hair growth.
  • Ears: put a small amount of Calm Balm into the exterior ear canal and rub gently
  • Safe for humans! Use on anything itchy, like a mosquito bite, or use on a wound or scar.

Precautions: Keep out of eyes.  Not for cats. Safe if ingested. We recommend doing a patch test on your dog before starting regimen. 

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